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Carburetor Intake Boot/Manifolds From K&L Supply

K&L Supply has a large assortment of carburetor holders, which also go by the names “carb boot”, “carb flange” or “intake manifolds”. These parts sit in between the carburetor and engine cylinder and often need replacement from cracking or tearing over time. We’ve started to document these parts in detail as we get our hands on them. The kits are often packaged in the TourMax branded boxes and many are sourced from OEM manufacturers such as ARS and KOYO. We’ll do our best to identify which ones are likely genuine sourced parts and provide detailed information.  Besides detailed photos, we’ll input product dimensions, OEM references as well as additional model applications the manufacturer may not have updated in their catalogs.  At we want to provide you with as much information as possible before making that purchase or preparing to service a customers vehicle.

You can find details on these items here: