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Yamaha XS650 Carburetor Intake Manifold Boots From K&L-TourMax

Yamaha XS650 1975-1979 Carburetor Intake Boot

Yamaha XS650 Carburetor Intake Manifold Boot From K&L-TourMax  Part Number 11-4210

Do you or your client have a Yamaha XS650 that needs new intake boots? Over the course of time the “Original Equipment Manufacturer” (OEM) parts from Yamaha eventually become “No Longer Available” (NLA).  Although Yamaha has discontinued the intake manifolds for the 1975-1979 XS650 (B/C/D/E/F Models), there is still a quality offering on the market today.  K&L Supply/TourMax 11-4210 has the intake boots for your XS650 sold in a kit.

Here is our 5 point rundown:

  1. The kit fits the 1975-1979 XS650B, XS650C, XS650D, XS650E, XS650F  “standards” as well as the 1974 TX650. 
    1. — It does NOT fit the later model years such as the XS650S Special. See K&L 11-6239 for these later models. Additionally it does not fit the early XS-1 and XS-1B models. 
  2. deems these to be sourced from the original equipment manufacturer to Yamaha, made by Arai Seisakusho Co, Ltd of Japan (ARS).
  3. Since these are original equipment replacements, they are designed for the stock Mikuni BS38 38mm CV carburetors.
  4. It is sold as a kit and includes the LEFT and RIGHT side manifolds as well as the two gaskets. It does not include new clamps to secure the carburetor.
  5. Affordably priced, exact replacement make this a buy for those who are restoring, building a cafe racer, brat, bobber or chopper. has more useful information including detailed photos, expanded model applications, product dimensions, package dimensions, part number supersession and OEM reference part numbers can be found in the Product Knowledge Base. Or purchase on Amazon



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