You found us on the interwebs, we are humbled by your presence! Well, now that we have your attention let us tell you a bit about parts.wiki and the purpose of this site.

What?: Our goal is to provide valuable information not usually found or documented by parts manufacturers. We do this so the end consumer, mechanics and retailers have all the necessary information they need to make to make an accurate and well informed purchase. We’ll make sure to provide original product photos, country of origin, dimensions and most importantly model application info.

Why?: parts.wiki is here to help you. We have been active in the business side of the industry and have seen a lot. Often the information on service parts are non-existent, or generic in the form a of “feed”.  This “feed” information is shared across hundreds if not thousands of online retailers making product descriptions seem the same. We hope to do better.

Who?: We are just a bunch of crazies, crazy about motorcycle and ATV parts. You can maybe even call us service parts nerds, we’ll take it as a compliment.

When?: Our team will document parts in detail as frequently as we can (we do have day jobs you know).

P.S.  We don’t sell anything at parts.wiki but will provide purchase links to trusted retailers and partners for the parts we discuss and document. In some cases me may make a small commission from these partners to help support this site.


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